Mayor Mary Manross
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"Scottsdale Mayor Mary Manross was instrumental recently in stopping the auction of 1,700 acres that developers want for houses, but the city wants preserved. I think she made some good arguments." Governor Janet Napolitano

"Mayor Manross has made great strides in laying the foundation for Scottsdale's long-term future and quality of life. Scottsdale has really taken off under her leadership and is thriving with record levels of investment and new jobs. The Mayor's efforts to preserve Scottsdale's Sonoran Desert are also commendable. Mary Manross is good for Scottsdale, and good for the Valley." Senator John McCain

"Mary's voting record is exemplary. She unfailingly seeks to maintain the delicate balance between issues that affect quality of life and a sustainable economy for Scottsdale." Scottsdale Area Chamber of Commerce

"I have worked closely with Mayor Manross over the years. I am impressed with her strong commitment to quality of life issues and the completion of the McDowell Sonoran Preserve." Dr. Art DeCabooter

"Mary has worked successfully to make sure we are preserving our city's history, while building a strong future for Scottsdale."
Jamie Drinkwater Buchanan

"Mayor Mary Manross is a proven leader with a strong vision to lead our city into the future."Jim Bruner

"The Renaissance taking place in downtown and southern Scottsdale is remarkable. Mayor Manross has demonstrated the ability to deliver positive changes to our community." Virginia Korte

"The environmental legacy of the 2007 Mayor's Award winner, Mayor Mary Manross, encompasses solar energy and investment in energy efficiency and green technology, along with desert and mountain preservation. She has been an unwavering advocate for city investments in energy management to save more taxpayer dollars in the long run. She has also encouraged the private development sector to "build green" as well. Scottsdale has a model environmental performance record. It is the only municipality in the nation accepted into EPA's National Environmental Track and was the first city in the nation to adopt a LEED Gold Green Building Policy for all new municipal buildings." U.S. Energy Association

"For years Mayor Manross has served our community providing strong leadership, that has made this community the vibrant city we so enjoy today." Rachel Sacco, President Scottsdale CVB

"Mayor Manross is a Champion for our Children." John Baracy, Superintendent SUSD

"Mary Manross has been a most effective Mayor for Scottsdale. It is Mary's steadfast vision of "what's best for Scottsdale" and her leadership skills that have ensured her success." Jackie Drinkwater

"Mayor Manross is cited as the Premier Champion of the expanded boundary of the Preserve, ensuring that not only the McDowells but also significant acreage of Sonoran Desert, including the historic Brown's Ranch, would be preserved. Throughout her service on the Scottsdale City Council, and as Mayor, she has worked with citizens and government officials at all levels to ensure the Preserve vision is realized. Mayor Manross is also a Champion for the preservation of Taliesin West and a key promoter with the groups she encounters worldwide." McDowell Sonoran Conservancy, Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation

"Mary is a proven leader and an independent voice on those issues so critical to Scottsdale's quality of life: growth, transportation, community character, and preserving open space." Sierra Club

"The following 10 members of this year's Valley Influential list were selected by our editorial staff for their contributions to Arizona and the communities they serve. This group of political heavyweights truly made a difference in a variety of ways during 2003." (In addition to Scottsdale Mayor Mary Manross, those recognized were: Senator John McCain, Senator John Kyl, Governor Janet Napolitano, Representative Hayworth, State Senator Barbara Leff, and Mayors Neil Giuliano, Phil Gordon, Keno Hawker, and Elaine Scruggs) Phoenix Business Journal

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